Political Science 7 - International Relations (Contemporary World Affairs) - Section 22266.

This EIGHT WEEK class starts August 28 and ends December 17, 2017.

Welcome to our class....

This class is 100 per cent online which really means it falls only on your shoulders... Ask yourself (and be honest)... Are you Self motived? Self correcting? Self directing?... Do you work well ALONE?  Most of the work in this class is done alone – even if we try to “build community" with class discussions... you must be honest with yourself – not everyone succeeds in online classes. Will You?

Be honest with yourself... You will have work due almost every week - And late work will not accepted. All work for this class will be turned in on CANVAS... so make sure you know how to access and use Canvas at LACC. Here is how I access it: ilearn.laccd.edu

Be aware of the DROP DATE - FRIDAY 9/15 (5pm, I think). Remember if you drop after the drop date you will earn a W and Ws count as an attempt at a class (you have only three attempts at every class). If you stop posting work, or post blank work, for more than the equivalent of two weeks worth, you may be dropped for non participation. There is work due often as I want to keep everyone engaged. You will do things that help make your Course Project (a policy research and argument paper) a really great paper you can be proud of (instead of some BS you tossed together the night it is due...) There's no multiple choice, nor fill in the blank quizzes... I believe we learn by doing, so you will write a great deal in this class... between forty and fifty pages when you add it all up.

An on campus class has 52 hours of instruction and the same expectation in hours of student work outside the “classroom”... Well, that means about 100 hours spread over the semester. You access the lectures on Pages in canvas... each should take bewteen and hour or two to read, view the videos (if any) and read the links...

I believe in a lot of little assignments... You have seven discussions, four exams and three assignmnets leading up to your term paper or what I call "Course Project." Your first assignment, the 'student statement,' can be found in the syllabus if you read the whole thing...please read the ENTIRE syllabus. I think it'll answer most of your questions... This is not a difficult class to earn an A in – if you do all the work to the best of your ability on time...

Read the ENTIRE syllabus of 12 pages or so...honestly, if that is too much for you – PLEASE drop this class NOW... reading the syllabus is just the start of the reading and writing you will be required to do for this class.

Be Honest with yourself...
Here is the link to the syllabus/class home page for Our Class:

Feel free to text me... (323) 920 5308
Good Luck...
Prof Meyer

PS: Below are a list of some helpful links I have discovered in my travels on the internet... I just give you the link – you take whatever you want from them...None of these are my work and are not mandatory... just, I think, helpful...

this is a video from Mt SAC is solid general online student advice…
 https://youtu.be/CFEK52EE5ps (Links to an external site.).
VARK – is a way you can learn how you learn…
Online Education Initiative (OEI) Online student readiness tutorials are very helpful if you are worried about your ability to succeed in online classes.
This is a QUIZ from MiraCosta College – Are you ready for ONLINE?
MERLOT II –This is an entire suite of assessments and quizzes to see if you are ready for an online class
5 Tips From Successful Online Students

Prof. Joe Meyer, email: meyerjn@lacitycollege.edu - Please always put your section number and FULL name on all emails and on all texts (323) 920 5308!