Finding Thousand Year Old Americans in Northern Arizona


The Trip Out East:

A few miles east of Laughlin, we called this rock: "The Finger."

The Ruins:

Wukoki Pueblo - "The Citidel," - Wupatki Pueblo (above) and "Montezuma's Castle."

Beauty Shots of Northern, AZ

Is that the boy scout salute?


You Don't Have to Go to Europe to See Ancient Ruins.

About eight hours by car from LA there is an entire world of ancient "Paleo-Indian" sites, some of which you can climb on. That's what I really love to do; to touch the past, and for the briefest of moments, connect with those who have come before us. Kimberly gets a little bored with "the dead stuff," so we saw plenty of wild life and natural beauty.

While she was driving, an elk jumped out in front of us and then ran back off the road. She slammed on her breaks, stayed in her lane, just like you are supposed to do. While I was driving, three mule deer started to cross the road in front of our car, but were frighten off by my grimace and the car horn.

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