Prof. Joe Meyer's LACC Poli. Sci. 1

Political Party

Identification Project.

The purpose of this project is to get an accurate view of the political identification of the people in your life, so only ask people who you spend time with on some regular basis, like people you "know," or work with, or attend school, or church, or some other function.

Do not ask random people - ask people you know.

make a list of their names (yes, first and last names), ages, gender (if you know them, you know these).

Ask as many people in your life that you can think of and try to get them to chose between the Republican or Democratic parties. (e.g.: family, school, work, church, sports team, fraternity, etc - you must have at least 25 people).


"Which party do you most often vote for or identify with:  Republicans or Democrats?" 

Record their answer on your list?

If they say both or neither or something like that - Press them to pick ONE OR THE OTHER!

Tell them: For your project, you NEED them to PICK ONE PARTY.  If they really can't or won't pick one, record it as "none."  

If they name another (third) party, record it. Don't argue about whether it is a real party.

Tabulate your totals for the whole group and compare the groups in your life. Tell what percentage identified with what party (or third party, or none at all) etc. and how the groups differed or did not.


Keep your math simple.  25 (twenty-five) is the minimum number of people.  Multiply your results by 4 and its 100%.  If you ask 33 (thirty-three) people, that's better - multiply by 3.  Asking 50 people is BEST! - Just multiply by 2 for 100%.  Do you know 100 people? (I don't.)

If you want maximum points - Don't just do the minimum!

Follow the prompt on Canvas - write more than the minimum.

NB: Do the Project Early and it will be easy. Wait till the last minute and its a pain or you have to cheat. Do you think I can't figure that out?