Actual Real - Life


from Online students

Prof. Joe Meyer, LACC


I have been teaching online classes in political science since my first online class at LA Mission College in 1999. I taught US government online at Mission until 2005. I taught the same class at LA Pierce from 2000-2006. I have been teaching it (along with PS7) here at LACC for two years now. These are all real excuses sent in after students failed to do work, or it was late or unfinished or whatever.

I put them in the order of a "top ten" list just for fun.

10 - "The power went out at my home!" (...Just when I was taking the final at 11:53 pm on Sunday.)

9 - "My ISP (internet service provider) went down!" (at 11:55 pm on Sunday.)

8 - "Your Web Page was down!" ( 11:57 pm on Sunday.)

7 - "I was sick!" (Caught a virus?)

6 - "My computer caught a virus!"

5 - "My computer died!"(One student reported his computer had "exploded" - wow, cool, did you get pictures?)

4 - "Someone died!"*(see below)

3 - "The test bank dropped me!" (Because you took more than 2 hours for a 2 hour test - that's why I do not use eTudes to have you answer the tests. You view the test on eTudes, but you email me the answers.)

2 - "I wanted to work ahead, but I fell behind!" (Yeah, I know, I don't get it either.)

1 - (The winner and still champion): "My dog chewed through my computer cables!"


* Professor Clark of Sociology here at LACC, has discovered that any time work is due, especially around tests and the final exam, it seems many students' family members die. Or at least are reported to have died. So these are very dangerous times for your grandparents, aunts, etc. How many grandparents can a student have die in one semester, is 27 too many?