Kimberly and Joe Meyer's Spring Break trip to Mexico's Pyramids and More...

Days: 1, 2 ,3, 4, 5

Day One - after taking a "red eye' flight, we arrived in Mexico City at dawn. Even then - it looked ugly, dirty and massive - ghettos, slums and steel & glass towers, masses of humanity with sprinkles of wealth - think LA and multiply it times New York and it's still not even close - its really too large to grasp.

Above is the view of Paseo de la Reforma from the Castillo (sp?) on the top of the huge hill in the middle of the biggest park you've ever seen (twice the size of Central park) Chapultepec Park.

Looking down from the Castillo everyone is reminded that geography matters in real life. Talk about your commanding heights...

This is the Castillo as seen from the bottom of the hill.

Joe, helping his new monkey friend see better.

This is the outside of the Antropology Museum - it was so hot and smogy we thought we were in LA in the '80's!!

There are art museums and other stuff in the park but we really wanted to see this one. We had a great time!

The huge calender stone.

The garden of the Castillo.

Castillo top floor window.

You'll feel safe in Mexico City when cows fly! Everyone told us how dangerous it was to be in the park after dark and not to take cabs.

Days: 1, 2 ,3, 4, 5